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Give yourself a point each time you answer yes to a question below, and we'll see if you're Cajun!

  • Can you remember when you didn't tell people that you like to eat crawfish because it's "un-elegant" and everybody knows that only Cajuns eat crawfish!
  • Does your father consider a 6-pack of beer and a pound of Boudin a 7-course meal?
  • Does your grandma belly ache all week 'til Saturday when she steps out and cuts a fine two-step with the best of 'em?
  • If the doctor told you coffee caused cancer...would you take your chances rather than do without?
  • Could you paddle a pirogue 20 MPH down a straight stretch of stump-free bayou?
  • Do you have a Tee-Jean, Tee-Man, or a Tee-Boy among your uncles?
  • Have you called him his "Tee" name so long that you forgot his real one?
  • Are you related to your next door neighbor?
  • Does someone in your family know how to treat sunstroke, the "Waste-Away Sickness," or "Indian Fire"?
  • Did your grandma regularly eat "Coosh-Coosh" for breakfast?
  • If you look closely at your grandma's wedding picture, is her corsage made of crepe paper?
  • If someone stepped on your toe, would you instinctively yell "Ahh-yee" instead of "ouch"?


So how did you do on de quiz, cher'?  Is de bayou de place for you?  If you scored:

  • 10-12:   You're a full-blooded Cajun!
  •     7-9:   You ain't a real Cajun, but you might just have an identity crisis!
  •     8-6:   Awe, cher', you not even in de ball game!